The Rooms – 1928 – Today

In 1926 the Society sold St. Andrew’s Hall for ten times its cost and within two years purchased a brownstone mansion at 150 Washington Avenue which became known as “The Rooms.” The wisdom of the Society in making these investments has produced great rewards ever since.

Much of this is due to the skill of David Lithgow, painter, sculptor, and engraver. Educated in Glasgow he became a member of the Society in 1916. He redesigned the first two stories of The Rooms in 1928-29, creating the feeling of an Edinburgh gentlemen’s club, complete with oak paneling and tartans.

The Society has a home where all meetings and many social events are held. The Rooms have become a treasure house where the Society displays gifts it has received from members and friends: paintings, sculptures, engravings, silver, citations, prizes for curling, and ancient weapons – all reminders of the great history of Scotland. Members take great pride in knowing that they are co-owners of this unique splendor.

150 Washington Avenue Albany, New York

150 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York

David Lithgow

David Lithgow