Officers and Committees

Officers 2016-2017

Our Officers:

  • Bruce C. Newell, President
  • Richard T. MacDowell. First Vice-President
  • William S. Burke, Second Vice-President
  • Charles Brown, Treasurer
  • Frank D. Alguire, Secretary
  • Norman S. Rice, Librarian/Historian
  • Richard T. MacDowell, Physician
  • J. Nixon McMillan, Chaplain

Board of Managers:

  • Brian McCandless, Chairman
  • Willard A. Bruce
  • John H. Fenimore, V.
  • Andrew Patterson
  • Gordon A. Peters

Armorer to the Society: James R. Burns
Piper to the Society: Gordon Peters

Membership of Committees 2017

  • Audit Committee: Timothy Thornton (chair), Patrick Foy, Thomas Goodfellow
  • Cemetery Committee: James Burns (chair), Kenneth Kuck, Peter McLetchie, Joseph Shook
  • Endowment Committee: David Hasso, Peter McLetchie, Charles Brown
  • Garden Committee: Charles Marshall, Jack McEneny, Patrick Foy, Peter Ford, Gordon Peters, J. Alexander Higle
  • House Committee: Richard Hixon (chair), Charles Marshall (Security Officer), Patrick Foy, Spencer Ryan, Kenneth Kuck
  • House Stewards: Daniel Graves
  • Malt Tasting Coordinator: Peter McLetchie, Charles Brown
  • Program Committee: Members of the Society
  • Scottish Events: Frank Alguire (chair)
  • Web Master: Joseph Shook