Most prospective members hear about the Society from a friend who is a Member. Newcomers to Albany may contact the Society by mail or telephone at its business address. Resident Membership is open to men who are residents of Albany County (or an adjoining county) and who were born in Scotland or are descendants of a native of Scotland.

The applicant will be introduced to members of the Society by an existing member at a regular  meeting. An application form will be given to the applicant asking for his name, place of his birth, and ancestral lineage supporting his eligibility for membership. The application must be signed by two members of the Society acting as sponsors.

The completed application is referred to the Committee on Credentials. If the application is approved by the Committee, an election will be conducted by ballot at a subsequent regular meeting of the Society. In the absence of a negative vote the Secretary of the Society will inform the candidate of his election and welcome him as a Member of the Society.

You are invited to see the “Joining the Society” for more information about the process for membership.

Social Life

The Rooms are central to the working and social life of the St. Andrew’s Society. There are five Regular Meetings yearly, each ending upstairs with a collation in the Library and perhaps a dram in the Wee Kitchen. By custom the March meeting is Ladies’ Night.

Ladies are invited to major parties such as St. Andrew’s Nicht , Burns Night, and the Past Presidents Dinner. Locations will be announced.

The Board of Managers of the Society may make the Rooms available to individual Members for private meetings of families and friends.

The Society customarily has a tent at the Scottish Games in Altamont on Labor Day weekend every year.

Past Officers

Officers, Managers, and Past Presidents of the St. Andrew’s Society of the City of Albany, 2001