Joining the Society

Membership in the Society is open to men of Scottish birth and male descendants of a native of Scotland, of the age of twenty-one years or over.

You are invited to contact our Secretary and request a Proposition for Membership. Details of the process follow:

1. A candidate for membership is usually proposed for membership by a member of the Society. When a person is to be proposed for admission as a Resident Member of the Society, that is, one who lives within 75 miles of Albany, he shall first attend at least two events of the Society. At least one of such events shall be a Stated Meeting of the Society, at which time the proposing member shall introduce him to the members as a candidate for membership. He will complete a Proposition for Membership form supplied by the Society giving as much genealogical information as possible. The back of the form may be used to provide additional historical details that may include both oral and written information.

2. The names of three references are requested. Though the references need not be members of the Society, two members of the Society must sign the application as sponsors.

3. The completed application is mailed to the Secretary of the Society who will forward it to the chairman of the Credentials Committee for review.

4. Assuming that the application is approved by the Credentials Committee, the membership will vote on the applicant’s membership at the next general meeting of the Society. The applicant should not attend that meeting.

5. The Society secretary will notify the applicant of the membership’s action. The dues, Resident $250, under 35 years of age $150; Non-Resident $50, are payable at that time.

6. Upon joining the Society, the name of the new member will be added to the Society’s mailing lists. Thereafter, the new member will receive Society communications including the President’s Newsletter published prior to each general meeting. The name of the new member is added to the Society’s roster that is posted on the website.

St. Andrew's Society of the City of Albany

St. Andrew’s Society of the City of Albany