The Future of Greatness

Time and events have brought new challenges to the St. Andrew’s Society and as in the past, today the Society is responding with enthusiasm and courage to meet current challenges.  With over 200 years of history to guide us, we are entering our third century with a new and vital vision.

The Rooms at 150 Washington Avenue is a historical treasure and the Society’s largest asset. Built in 1892 its first and second floors were substantially improved in 1928-29. Its ground and third floors are largely empty and need major renovation. We are exploring ways to put this resource to more productive use that will provide income and more space for Society activities and the occasional use by community organizations.

The vision’s goal is to bring the building up to modern standards with complete access for current communication technology on all four floors.

The aim of the new vision is to make the Society a more central part in the lives of all members by providing a place that will be enjoyed and conducive for socializing and discovery. The renovation of The Rooms, particularly the third floor, will offer opportunity for involving more of our members.

The Vision of 2013 calls for moving forward to greater things.  By increasing the useful floor-space of The Rooms we will allow the Society to project its good works and influence in an urban area which has grown significantly over the years.

As Scots, we affirm our responsibility to care for what we have, to consider our historic past and to look forward to the future.  The St. Andrew’s Society of the City of Albany has a vision for tomorrow that will serve the current membership and ensure a bright future for succeeding generations of members.